Are you going on a horse riding tour in Iceland?

Skorrahestar offers unique horse riding tours in East Iceland. Ride up and over the steep mountains, along the lush green valleys and race across the sandy beaches on well trained Icelandic horses. The deserted fjords and the folklore of the area comes alive through storytelling with an experienced farmer/teacher as your guide. You get to experience our homemade international cuisine with a touch of Icelandic tradition as you become a member of the Skorrahestar family.

You arrive as a visitor but you leave as a friend!

Horse riding team at Skorrahestar


German, English and Danish speaking Icelandic guide.
Small groups of 8-10 guests pr. trip.
Remote tranquility in the beautiful east fjords.
Horse riding day tours available.
Long horse riding tours to the deserted fjords of East Iceland.


The evenings are perfect to train the youngsters. These are our four 5-year olds.
From left: Melkorka, Reikistjarna, Skarpur & Röskva.
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2 weeks ago

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SkorrahestarThere are some women in Iceland named Melkorka, this name is probably derived from Ireland. It is mentioned in Laxdæla, an old Icelandic saga, where an Irish woman was called Melkorka.2 weeks ago

Þórður JúlíussonYes, Gert. You are right. But there is one "oldsters" among the riders :-)1 week ago

Willibrord HuismanThat is funny. At home, some 50 years ago, we had a dog whom my father baptized Melkorka. We all agreed that the name was ridiculous but my father insisted. The dog didn't stay for long by the way: it ruined all the tulips so my mother got rid of it, somehow. What remains is this funny name. Is it specifically Icelandic? Could be, my dad was language professor.2 weeks ago

Jasmin PirklThey are beautys...2 weeks ago

Gert HeibergI see the riders are also "youngsters"....2 weeks ago

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Today was the last day of our 6-day exploration tour. It was so foggy when we rode over Oddskarð that we almost got lost ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

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Þórður JúlíussonIt was7 days ago

Meet the localssounds like an adventure2 weeks ago

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