The Family

Þórður Júlíusson (Doddi), born 1950. 

Doddi is a biologist, high-school teacher and a former headmaster of local high-school. Along with teaching he has been a farmer on Skorrastaður 3 along with his family for his whole life. Horses and riding the mountains has been his passion since he was a little boy. His first horse – Litli-Skjóni, hit his head when Doddi was 6 years old and almost killed him but fortunately for all of us he survived. Doddi is always singing and playing the guitar whenever he gets the opportunity. He likes to have fun, for example on the trips he makes his guests dance on the horses! He knows a lot of stories and delivers them with theatrical skills. Doddi is a certified guide that speaks English, German and Danish as well as Icelandic.

Theodóra I. Alfreðsdóttir (Thea), born 1951.

Thea is born and raised in Reykjavík. Very early it was evident that she loved animals so it was not very surprising that she married a farmer. Thea is an artist at heart and even though she does not ride horses anymore she is very well connected with their spirit as she molds it in clay in her pottery gallery. Thea is also an outstanding cook as our guests have experienced. She brings newly baked cakes and bread and meets up with the riders for an coffee break in the nature. Thea speaks English and understands danish and a little German.

Jóna Árný Þórðardóttir, born 1977.

Jóna is Doddi’s and Thea’s oldest child. She lives with her family, husband and two children, at Skorrastað. Jóna has been riding for as long as she can remember and participates in competitions and riding-tours. Jóna bought herself an side-saddle when she was a teenager and rides in it on special dates such as the national holiday. Jóna is a bit of a prankster like her father and helps to make sure that everybody is having fun. Jóna is an auditor and speaks English and Danish. She understands German but is still a bit rusty speaking it.

Sóley Þórðardóttir, born 1984.

Sóley is raised around horses and started riding and singing with her father really young. She finished her PhD in the Netherlands in April 2019. Since then she’s lived in Reykjavík working at Alvotech. When Sóley lived in Netherlands she had her own Icelandic horse, and used to ride a lot. Sleipnir was Sóley’s first competition horse. She now tries to come to home to Skorrastaður every summer to train horses, ride them and help Skorrahestar out with riding tours. Sóley speaks English, German, Danish, Swedish and Dutch. 

Sunna Júlía Þórðardóttir (Sunna), born 1993.

Sunna is the youngest of Doddi’s and Thea’s children. She has been raised like the others around horses. Sunna studied fashion design in Soenderborg in Denmark 2013-2015. Sunna is ambitious and competed 2006 in Landsmót on Sleipnir. She really likes to ride powerful horses that are difficult to train. Sunna is the other riding guide at Skorrahestar during the summer. She speaks English, Danish and German.

Sigurður Ólafsson (Siggi), born 1974.

Siggi is married to Jóna. He is more enthusiastic about hiking the mountains rather than riding. He enjoys the tranquility of Icelandic nature but he also plays the guitar and sings in a local heavy-metal band called URÐ. Siggi is a educated in human resources and works as a consultant in his and Jóna’s local consulting company. Siggi speaks English fluently, he can manage in Danish and understands a little German.

Sigríður Theodóra Sigurðardótir (Sigga Thea), born 1998.

Sigga Thea is the daughter of Jóna and Siggi. She has a role in training and managing the horses. She goes riding with her friends and likes to try every new horse that joins the Skorrahestar group. Sigga Thea owns Smári and Skotta. She bought Skotta for her own money when she was 11 years old and saved her from the slaughter house. Sigga Thea speaks English fluently and understands danish but is still practicing speaking it.

Júlíus Bjarni Sigurðsson (Júlli), born 2008.

Júlli was born on 1.May 2008 – the same day as the mare Maísól (busy day at the farm). Júlli is a young rider but he already has his own horse, Skarpur. Júlli’s favorite horse at the moment is Mugga but once Skarpur is fully trained they are going to make a good team.

Friends that participate in tours

Jakob Sigfinnsson (Kobbi), born 1936.

Kobbi is one of Skorrahestar drivers. Kobbi is a big fan of Land Rover jeeps and his skills driving them in the mountains is exceptional. Even though he is 77 years old he does not need glasses to drive – amazing! Kobbi takes the luggage, food, shoeing tools and electric fences to the deserted fjords to meet up with the tours.

Sigurður Vilhjálmsson (Siggi), born 1949.

Siggi is a friend of the family and helps out with training the horses, shoeing them, managing the sheep, making hay and also sometimes joins the tours as a helper. Siggi, like Doddi, knows the area very well as he was born and raised on a small farm that was in the town of Neskaupstaður called Steinsnes. When it was no longer allowed to have a small farm within the town border his sheep got a new home at Skorrastaður. Siggi speaks very good English.

Elke Patscan, born 1971.

Elke is a German friend of the family. She helps out in many ways with marketing, advise, translation and when she comes to Iceland she helps with training the horses, cleaning riding gear and joins the tours as a helper. Her help has been invaluable during the buildup of the company and Doddi and Thea see her as their German daughter.

Einar Sigfússon, born 1942.

Einar is Doddi’s neighbor from the farm Skálateigur. Einar is a enthusiastic about Skorrahestar and is a proud horse-owner but does not ride himself anymore. He often shows up for morning coffee with a small story or a small poem for our guests and we do our best to translate. His riding-horses join Skorrahestar during the summer and some of the guests say that Einars horses are “langbestu Skorrahestarnir”. Einar speaks only Icelandic and often our guests learn a few sentences in Icelandic to communicate with Einar.

Other friends and helpers

Our friends and extended family is always ready to join us in making the experience of riding with Skorrahestar unique. Our guests have sent us pictures, given tips and good advise which is highly valued. Everybody’s contribution is what make Skorrahestar what it is today. Everybody’s willingness to help is a testament to Doddi’s and Thea’s hospitality.

The Horses