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The family of Skorrastaður have throughout generations opened their homes for guests and travelers to the east coast of Iceland. Hospitality is something that the family is known for and they have a big group of friends all over the world. Horses have always played a role in the life on the farm, both as workers and as companions. The fifth generation is now being raised on the farm and participates in taking care of the animals and enjoys traveling the mountains on horses.

When Doddi and Thea (farmer and his wife) were wondering what to do with the farm once it quit producing milk they decided to build a business based on the amazing nature around the farm, the horses and the old tradition of Icelandic hospitality. They started a tour operator, Skorrahestar ltd, and offer horse riding tours up and over the mountains to adjacent fjords. Doddi is a biologist, high school teacher, farmer and a certified guide that brings the stories and myths of the area to live though storytelling. He speaks German, English and Danish so language barriers are minimal. Thea is an artist that molds the farm animals into clay among other things. Additionally, she is a natural cook and bakes delicious bread and cakes. Doddi and Thea‘s children and grandchildren take part in managing the horses and the business.Together they make sure that even though you arrive as a guest, you leave as a friend



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